RMB Design & Renovation | Kitchen Renovations
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Kitchen Renovations


When designing your kitchen you want to ensure you have adequate space to prepare meals while also ensuring that things are within easy reach.


Getting this balance requires a well thought out design and often what seems like a simple decision can frequently result in undesirable outcomes. A bad kitchen design will haunt you every time you cook, while a clever design can create efficiency, reduce utility costs and increase your kitchen experience.


Choosing your appliances by size and appearance prior to final design decisions can help influence colour schemes for flooring, tiling and painting. And above all can allow your kitchen to be built to accommodate the specific sizes and styles. By sticking to standard sizes you will ensure that renters or future home owners can also find appliances that will fit into the appropriate places for fridges, microwaves, ovens and dishwashers.


Decisions based on new technologies such as induction cook tops or traditional gas ovens need to be decided to ensure correct lines are run when in the building stage.


Also you want to achieve a similar flow for other appliances in the household, for instance if stainless steel is a theme.

Kitchen Renovation Experts

If you have started to think about your kitchen renovation and it all seems a bit too much, simply give us a call.

Our designers experience with the planning and decision making is priceless. We can ensure that you will not make any negative design choices which may affect your kitchen usage once the renovation is complete.

Our aim is to deliver you a flawless and stunning kitchen renovation that is envied by your visitors and appreciated by all who use it for many years to come.