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Tiling and Waterproofing

Tiling alfresco areas, kitchen floors, front verandahs & porches, kitchen & laundry splashbacks.


Tile Maintenance & Repair – Dramatically improve the appearance of tiled areas around your home and business at a fraction of the cost of tile replacement. Grout is porous and is prone to absorbing dirt and grime that builds up over time, leaving your tiled areas looking tired and old. Harsh abrasive chemicals can often make the problem worse. When mould and moisture gathers in the grout between your tiles, so does bacteria. The bathroom and kitchen tend to be the most likely areas to contain faulty grout and naturally these are the last places where you want bacteria breeding. The spores produced by mould can aggravate respiratory problems and create a damp and musty atmosphere. One of the most common problems caused by damaged grout is leaking shower recesses which leads to water escaping from your shower and into wall cavities. This encourages the growth of mould and bacteria, which is unhygienic, unattractive and can produce spores that can aggravate respiratory problems.


An affordable alternative of refurbishing or re-tiling your wet areas and living areas is to simply regrout the tiles leaving clean sparkling tiled areas. The grout removal process is quite simple and downtime is only around 24 hours and that includes replacing all the grout in the shower walls and floor.


In order to protect your tiles for the future the new grout is treated with Microban Anti Fungal Protection, protecting against further problems with mould, mildew, fungus and bacteria for life. This means it is perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.


Steam cleaning or scrubbing with harsh chemicals and detergents will never be able to clean grout completely and can have unpleasant side effects. The grout is removed down to a depth of 5mm, thus removing the spores which are creating the mould, no dust or harsh by products are produced. Regrouting is therefore also a safer, cleaner option for your family home.


Contact us to discuss our regrouting and leaking shower services used by many home and business owners.


RMB Design And Renovation provides regrouting, fix leaking showers, grout cleaning services, replacement of faulty and dirty grout in wet areas around your residential or commercial property, renew your bathroom and save you thousands of dollars in expensive and unnecessary renovation costs. Our grouting process is long lasting and of the highest quality, guaranteed to make your grout waterproof and stain-resistant for years, fix leaking showers quickly and effectively. We mechanically remove and replace tired grout with a flexible mould-resistant grout. After regrouting a shower recess, we not only fix your leaking shower, we also repair any leaks due to damaged grout before restoring your tiled area making it look brand new.


Rejuvenate your tiles with a fresh modern look, water proof your leaking shower and save thousands of dollars,

Regrouting Leaking Shower Tile Restoration Waterproofing

Grout Cleaning Grout Sealing Grout Colouring Bathroom Makeovers


RMB Design And Renovation specialises in all types of caulking, from joint sealing and glazing, to kitchen, bathroom and wet area caulking.

We provide expert services and strive to ensure that all gaps, no matter how big or small, are filled perfectly, leaving your bathroom or kitchen, with the perfect finish.

RMB Design And Renovation provides the following siliconing/caulking services:

Silicon caulking Bathroom caulking Kitchen caulking

Wet area and floor caulking Concrete caulking Sealing

Whether you require joint sealing in your home, or commercial office space, we’ve got the skills and know-how to get the job done efficiently and affordably.


For more information about our caulking services, get in touch with us today.


What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of applying a waterproof barrier around an area that is likely to get wet such as bathrooms, laundries and balconies. This prevents moisture from seeping through and damaging the underlying structure of the building.

Did you know that waterproofing is now a regulated trade in NSW ? This means that you can only get your waterproofed area signed off by a qualified tradesman.


RMB Design And Renovation can provide the following waterproofing serices;

Bathrooms/shower walls

Bath podiums and spa baths

Full floor areas & wall to floor junctions

Shower bases

Planter Boxes


Balconies and retaining walls.